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This was a real fun project! Big thanks to Connie, Huan and everyone else at Genius Orbit!
I was the Animation Supervisor, but also did the rigging + Character Dynamics and some of the modeling.

There’s Also a nice making of :

Made by Genius Orbit

Concept Designer and Storyboard Artist: Dupp Du
Producer & Executive Creative Director: Connie Gao
Production Coordinator & Project Manager: Huan Shen
Editor: Han Shee
Director of Photography: Jialiang He
Assistant of Camera: Aaron Snow
Gaffer: Dominic Miller
Production Designer: Hanrui Wang
Set Decorator: Maqui Gaona, Huan Shen
Food Stylist: Amanda Richmond
On-set VFX Supervisor: Boyang Ma
DIT: Huan Shen

3D Supervisor: Triston Huang
Animation Supervisor: Daniel Moos
TD: Eric Cunha
3D Modeling Supervisor: Jiaqing Qiang
3D Modeler: Jiaqing Qiang, MJ Jang, Daniel Moos, Huan Shen, Boyang Ma, Jin Fang Jiang
Rigging Artist: Daniel Moos
Tracking and Roto Artist: Boyang Ma, MJ Jang, Huan Shen
3D layout Artist: Huan Shen
3D Animator: Shashi Prakash Rai, Huan Shen
Texturing and Shading Artist: Triston Huang, Eric Cunha, Jin Fang Jiang, MJ Jang
Simulation Artist: Boyang Ma, Daniel Moos
Lighting Artist: Triston Huang, Eric Cunha, Jin Fang Jiang
3D Compositor: Triston Huang, Eric Cunha, Jin Fang Jiang, Huan Shen

2D Illustrator: JY Cao
2D Animator: Chuanshi Qin, MJ Jang

Music: Olivia Ge Guo
Colorist: Huan Shen
Behind the Scene: Huan Shen, Connie Gao

Rendering Farm Supporting: NATHAN LOVE

Thanks for supporting us – Xiao Wang